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Location really is everything. Take a walk down a cobblestone street and witness a place unlike any other. Listen for ringing of nearby church bells and the rhythm of horse draw carriages. Take in amazing sunsets over a beautiful harbor dotted with colorful spinnakers. Enjoy the smells of dozens of world class restaurants as you move along. Charleston is a living, breathing museum, filled with color and life, framed by people who consider charm and grace to be minimum standards. And, all of this is only the beginning. Charleston is vast and rich in countless ways.

Charleston was characterized aptly in the 1935 opera by George Gershwin, Porgy and Bess, as a place, "where the livin' is easy" . People who live here and visit here can agree that the living really is easy. It is a rare location where you find not only natural beauty, but also cutting edge innovation, excellent cultural experiences, a quality lifestyle, and people who care about one another. 

Charleston has it all -  a low cost of living, a relaxed lifestyle, favorable weather, amazing beaches, quality culture, world class arts and entertainment, rich history, unparalleled beauty, charming people who welcome new arrivals, top restaurants, state-of-the-art healthcare, low taxes, top rated schools and colleges, and a booming business environment. And, as you might expect, Charleston showcases true Southern Hospitality at its very best! 

The Charleston Peninsula is the area most visitors referred to as “Charleston”. Of course, the greater Charleston area is composed of about 25 separate municipalities. However, the peninsula of Charleston, also referred to as downtown Charleston, is the most recognized historic district in South Carolina and one of the most recognized historic areas in the world. 

This downtown area is a remarkable mosaic of beautiful historic southern homes, immaculately maintained neighborhoods, world-class restaurants and performing arts venues, historic buildings that are themselves architectural treasures, government buildings, a sprawling, diverse medical complex centered around the Medical University of South Carolina, beautiful parks and so much more. The beauty of this area makes it perfect for postcards. It is an area that is often chosen for special events of the highest order. The peninsula is truly a national treasure. Housing is available in this area for those willing and able to pay for such an amazing location.

Charleston has very friendly people who encourage others to move to the area. Charleston has been recognized for dozens of years as being one of the most friendly areas in the nation and has been voted many times to be America’s most polite city. The attitude of people living here now is important in attracting new arrivals Charleston. It is incredible how many decide to move to the area for no other reason than the attitude of the people who already live here. If you live here now, maybe you are accustomed to the friendly attitudes.  For visitors, it is often a pleasant surprise – and a welcomed change!

Charleston has an excellent reputation for education as it consistently works to improve and to expand educational opportunities, both public and private. One of the key factors that corporations consider when looking at an area for potential expansion or relocation is the quality and availability of educational opportunities. This is important not only for the morale of their own employees but it is also important when it comes to considering the educational level of new hires.

Charleston has a medical school, law school, numerous colleges, and one of the best technical education facilities in the nation, Trident Technical College. In addition, among the public schools you will find examples of superb facilities and exceptional results such as with the top rated Academic Magnet High School and the Charleston County School of the Arts.

Charleston receives consistent accolades referring to a broad range of attributes. The non-stop positive press about Charleston keeps the area “top of mind” for thousands of people considering a move for retirement, great weather, educational opportunities, cultural opportunities, business opportunities, and so much more. Even with the economy struggling over the past few years, Charleston has continued to grow. Anticipated long-range growth for the area appears excellent. Proactive infrastructure preparation in anticipation of growth gives Charleston a leg up over many other areas.

The Tri County Area governments (Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley counties) have worked diligently for the past 20 years to create a positive atmosphere for growth and have campaigned actively to develop relationships with potential employers considering Charleston as their next expansion move.

Infrastructure preparation has included detailed long range planning for schools, roads, neighborhood developments, business parks and shopping areas as well as great attention given to developing recreational opportunities and maintaining the area’s famous aesthetic qualities.

Home affordability in the Charleston area makes it easy for first time home buyers to buy and for move up home buyers to upgrade. Barriers to home ownership in the Charleston area are low. Land prices are reasonable and land for development, plentiful. Land availability is outstanding for new production facilities and related job growth opportunities. The areas surrounding the developed portions of Charleston are wide open for commercial and industrial development. Unlike many cities that are the size of Charleston, business growth is not constrained by land availability.

Yes, there are new reasons to consider Charleston among the best places to live in the country but many of the reasons are no different than they have been for hundreds of years. Charleston is simply wonderful place to live, to work, and to play. The future for real estate in Charleston is bright.

House Hunting in Charleston, South Carolina

In many ways, house hunting is a process of elimination. Begin by thinking about lifestyle interests and your need to be near activities. Consider what is most important and where you are most flexible in your needs. Price is very important for sure but start with getting the general location right before using price as a filter. Many like to look at homes in a specific price range before eliminating areas where they would have no interest in living. That is less useful than finding the area, then narrowing by price point. 

Charleston has a great deal of diversity in neighborhoods.  The styles range across the spectrum. If you love the ranch, we have many. If a two story with an upper balcony is your style, we have that as well. If brick is a must, or if hardy plank is better, we have those. You name it, we have it here in the Charleston area. 

Neighborhood living is popular. But, we also have rural areas. Most neighborhoods have community pools and other facilities. 

Real estate in the Greater Charleston area, like the people who make Charleston home, is diverse.  Most of our new construction is done by large, national builders; but, we do have numerous regional and local tract and custom builders.

Existing homes include colonials, antebellum mansions, Charleston singles, ranch style properties, two and three story traditional homes, Cape Cod designs, contemporary properties, Tudors, Victorian style, and a wide variety of condominiums, townhomes and patio homes. Virtually any home style is available in Charleston, Summerville, Mt Pleasant, Goose Creek, North Charleston, West Ashley and any of the other communities in the Greater Charleston Area.

Perhaps on equal par with selecting home style is choosing a home in a community that offers the amenities that you want.  With so many choices, choosing where in the Charleston area to call home is a clear challenge.  Your real estate professional has the tools necessary to help you narrow your search down to those communities that offer the styles and amenities in the locations most suitable for you.

Regardless of what brings you to the Charleston area, I am absolutely convinced you’ll fall in love with Charleston, too! Charleston is a place you will love forever.  Begin today - search for your perfect home right on this site.  

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